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Music therapy: Drumming in the classroom

Drumming in the classroom... We love drumming in the classroom! Drumming is a wonderful tool for developing bilateral coordination, gross motor skills, listening and following directions, developing attention, awareness of others and assists in developing pro-social behavior.

Sometimes we drum with one drum rather than group drumming where everyone has a drum. Using one drum works to develop social skills such as sharing, waiting for a turn, and awareness of classmates. It allows for each child to have a mini solo and spend a moment in the spotlight.

Using one drum also keeps the volume down. When I bring drums I always assess the class before we drum as it can get a bit loud. If the class is not grounded or someone is having a rough day we may do a drumming activity with a single drum to reduce anxiety or over-excitement.

This drum is a Toca djembe. I love these drums for their sound, price and durability!

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