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Where do you Sleep is on YouTube!

Where do you Sleep? is now on YouTube! Sing along with the book here! We are thrilled to share this beautiful singable book with you.

This beautifully illustrated singable story will captivate audiences of all ages as it explores the sleeping habits of six animals. With lyrics and music by neurologic music therapist, Marie Miller, the song encourages the development of expressive and receptive language skills and beginning literacy.

Light up the brain with music! Music engages much of the brain, making it very engaging for children.

Children often learn the lyrics to a song before they are able to identify the written words. As they sing or hear the song, they begin to pair what they are hearing with the letters and combinations of letters they are seeing. The isolated six single-syllable animals, each repeated three times, provide a fantastic opportunity for children to begin to pair what they hear with the text.

The repetition and predictability of songs are a wonderful way to build speech and language skills. Children can anticipate what is coming next and the music helps to prime and prompt the brain and body. We pair sign language with this song and sign all of the animals to provide increased opporunities for expressive language and increase engagement.

We hope you enjoy this song and book as much as we do! The MP3 download and score are included with the book.

Developmental age range: 1 - 5

You can order a copy in our website shop, at, or find it locally at these shops in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Light up the brain with music!


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