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Top 12 Singable Books

We love singable books for so many reasons, here are twelve of our favorite singable books!

Singing together builds feelings of connection and belonging.

Singable books build literacy skills as well as expressive and receptive language skills. Children will often learn the song before they are identifying the written words. As they sing (or listen to) the song, they will begin to pair what they are hearing with the words they are seeing on the page, along with the pictures.

Rhythm helps prepare and prompt brains and bodies to execute a movement. Children are primed and prompted to fill in the word to a song by the rhythm and melody. Music is a natural motivator and we are naturally primed to complete the end of a musical phrase. For example, in the song "Down by the Bay" we may leave out the word "bay" to encourage a child to fill in the word.

We are so passionate about singable books, we added one to the shelf ourselves! Check out our newly released singable book, Where do you Sleep? It's on the list!

Light up the brain with music!

Here are twelve of our favorites (in no particular order). Links to these books are at the bottom of this page.

It's hard to narrow down to our top 12 favorites as there are SO many incredible singable books out there - and many we have yet to discover! Have a favorite!? We'd love to hear about it!



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