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Music therapy: adaptive harmonica holder

It's almost as if selfie sticks were created for this purpose! I love that I can change the height of the stick and also that the top part which holds the harmonica can bend back slightly for ease of playing. I created this for a young man with limited mobility who absolutely rocks out on the harmonica. He struggled to grip the harmonica for more than a few moments and became frustrated when it slipped out of his fingers while playing.

We use the harmonica for breath support and also for self expression so I wanted to find a way to make this instrument more accessible. We tried the traditional harmonica neck strap however in order for him to successfully use it we had to have it moved within centimeters from his mouth and this was distressing to him to have something attached so closely to his face. Hence the harmonica selfie stick was born!

It was very simple (and cheap) to make. I simply removed the metal piece from the rectangular brace, snipped the wire, and added two magnets. I plan to saw down the long plastic pieces but they do not get in the way of playing.

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