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Music therapy: making repetition fun!

Often when working with a child to develop a skill we want to offer as many opportunities to practice that skill as possible. Whether it be working on a certain speech sound, developing a specific motor skill, sequencing words, or labeling, the more opportunities to practice the better.

When we use music to target these skills we can change many elements of the music to keep the work exciting and novel. This way, the work does not feel like work as the child repeats a speech sound/movement/etc at cued places throughout the song. We create facilitations that target multiple goals within one intervention. For example if a child is working on extending a pointer finger to make choices or communicate and is also developing beginning speech songs we can create a song that offers opportunities for pointing during the verses and then opportunities to practice beginning speech sounds during the chorus.

We can also include musical instruments to assist in developing skills such as movement, attention, and receptive language skills while keeping it fun and motivating for the child.

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