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Music can change your brain: music therapy and neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change over time with training. It was once believed that at a certain age the brain stopped being able to change and develop. We now know that the brain can continue to develop and change and make new pathways and connections when certain areas are damaged. What an exciting time to have a brain!

This video by Sentis Brain Animation breaks down neuroplasticity in an accessible way.

Click here to watch!

Music therapy can assist the brain in re-organizing and creating new neural pathways. In the linked article below, Dr. Elizabeth Stegemoller outlines the ways in which music therapy can promote neuroplasticity in the brain. Music therapists work with individuals with a variety of neurologic and physical challenges, using the elements of music to make changes in the brain. Music is used to build non-musical goals such as movement, speech, communication, receptive language, and cognitive skills.

Dr. Elizabeth Stegemoller, a board certified music therapist with a phD in neuroscience explores the topic of music therapy and neuroplasticity in the article linked below.

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