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DIY: weighted stuffed animals!

Recently I was on the hunt for weighted stuffed animals to use with kids during music therapy. After a little sticker shock I set out to make my own. It was very easy, and very cheap! It was also great to choose the animals I wanted as well as choose the weight I wanted.


  • Stuffed animal

  • Scissors

  • Needle and thread

  • Funnel

  • Balloons


1. Find the spot on the animal that was closed last, it's usually just an inch or two long and you can see the thread easily. Snip the thread and pull open.

2. Remove some stuffing through the hole. If you're like me, this part will make you a little sad. Don't worry, he will be all sewn up in no time! 3. Fill balloons with sand (using funnel). Depending upon the size of your balloons (and hole) you may have to put the balloon into the animal first, then funnel the sand in.

4. Once you have it at the desired weight you can put the fluff back in (I bought extra batting to give a little extra padding) and sew him up!

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