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Musical Games: Increasing attention and listening skills

Larry the Lizard helps children to develop attention and listening skills.

How to play:

Remember playing "hot and cold" as a child? You would lead friends to where something was hidden by saying "hotter, hotter" as they got closer to the item and "colder, colder" as they got farther away. Larry the Lizard game is just like that only we don't use words, we use drums!

We play this both in a group and 1:1. One person hides Larry while the seeker covers their eyes. The group (or individual) then gives drumming clues to lead to Larry. As the seeker moves around the room the group (or individual) plays the drum, speeding up when the seeker gets close to Larry and slowing down when the seeker gets farther away.

With older kids this is a great opportunity to talk about what the seeker might be able to hear while closing their eyes and to be very quiet when hiding Larry and walking around the room. I encourage kids to think about what the seeker hears and that they can do a "listening trick" which means making a noise somewhere else in the room to disguise where they've hidden Larry.

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