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Music therapy: engage tactile sense to enhance learning and engagement

In our music therapy sessions we utilize many physical props. Physical props engage visual and tactile senses and create opportunities for choices, motor skills, attention, speech, and following directions. Small objects are great for developing reaching and grasping skills and we frequently utilize them for moving an object to one or two targets (motor control, following directions and crossing midline).

Repetition is key to child development. When we add physical props it helps us to keep repeated target goals interesting (following directions, attention, motor skills).

As part of our whole body learning program we utilize these objects to target multiple goals with each song and each song can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each child.

When looking for objects be sure to keep in mind the children you work with and take into consideration if the object might be put in their mouths, the size of the object for grasping, the materials of the object (safe if put in mouth and also easily sanitized).

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