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Songs for Summer Resource Package One

A multisensory approach to building skills in the areas of expressive and receptive language, motor skills, and sensory regulation. Songs for Summer Resource Package One is a collection of eight original songs with chords, lyrics, printable visuals and instructional videos fior implementation. The material in this package is geared towards younger school age students (ages 5-12). 


In this package are several songs that target AAC Core Words and beginning speech. We also include two songs with an ocean waves light projector and a song with a bubble machine. The package has two of our favorite sequencing songs (Small Fish & Buddy the Puppy) where we sequence visuals, words, and movements. 


When you download the PDF for this package you'll see the login information for streaming or downloading the videos.


Also included in this package are some adaptations we implement to make materials accessible for our students with cortical visual impairment. For two of the songs we'll share our CVI-friendly visuals and share the tangible props we use to enhance engagement, participation, and comprehension.


Overarching goals targeted in these eight songs are expressive and receptive language skills, motor skills, and sensory regulation. When you download the PDF for this package you'll see the login information for streaming or downloading the videos.


1. Small Fish

a sequencing song with printable visuals and movements

2. Ocean Song Core Words (with ocean waves light projector)

a song with lights and visuals targeting: go, on, off, more, I like it

3. Ocean Song (with ocean waves light projector)

a sensory experience with light projector and sea creatures 

4. Bob Like Books

a song with movements & visuals targeting: go, more, I want more please, I like it  5. Playing the Drum

a drumming song targeting core words: more, I like it, stop, go 

6. Buddy the Puppy

a sequencing song targeting motor planning & expressive language

7. Whale in the Sea

a song with bubbles, movements, and ASL 

8. Out to the Garden

a movement song with visuals & props targeting expressive language 


Wondering where all of our single songs have gone? 

They'll be back! We'll be including them in our resource packages!

Songs for Summer Resource Package One


The format of this file is a PDF. In the PDF you will receive a link to the videos which may be streamed or downloaded. 

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