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Sing, Move, Shine!

*Please see pricing information below for teachers/providers and parents/caregivers.


"Sing, Move, Shine!"  is a  three-video music enrichment program created for building skills at home, in the classroom, or online distance learning through screen shares.  Watch the video trailer (above) for a peek into this series! 


Created by neurologic music therapist Marie Miller, "Sing, Move, Shine!"  is developed for chilren in the developmental age range of 3-5.  Each of the three sessions (18-22 minutes) targets motor skills, sensory regulation, expressive and receptive language, and academic skills. 


Music is a global experience in the brain, activating many regions and priming the brain for learning.  Our multisensory approach to learning combines music, movement and visuals to increase engagement and enhance learning.  


*When purchased, you will receive instructions to access "Sing, Move, Shine" on a password protected page.  Once on the "Sing, Move, Shine" you will have the option to stream and/or download the videos.  


Please read terms of use before purchasing "Sing, Move, Shine!".  


Parents/caregivers use coupon code "SMSfamily for 50% discount. 


Sing, Move, Shine!


When purchased, you will be provided a PDF download that contains a login password to access the Sing, Move, Shine video series online.

The video series is a downloadable Mp4 file.  Each video is a separate file.  

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