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Little Pig

Building skills at home: A video for kids! 


Follow Little Pig on his adventures around the farm!  In this song, Little Pig gets into a little bit of mischeif and finds himself in some unusual places!  This song targets prepositions ("on top" and "under") and expressive language skills.  "Little Pig" combines music, movement and visuals to increase engagement and enhance learning.  Children love following Little Pig on his adventurs! 


This intervention is part of our "Whole Body Learning" program which combines music, visuals and movement to engage and activate young brains to enhance learning. 


This song can also be found on our video series, Sing, Move, Shine (along with many more songs)!  


*If you're looking for the instructional video, lyrics and printable visuals please visit the "I'm a teacher/practitioner" section of our shop. 

Little Pig


File format is a Mp4 video within a compressed zip. 

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