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Music Therapy and Speech Therapy: a collaborative program in Maine

"Communicating Through Music" is a 6-week speech-language and music therapy program beginning on Saturday, November 9th, in Kittery, Maine. The program offers both individual sessions as well as small group sessions (4 children) to ages 3-6 with speech, language and communication challenges.

Led by speech therapist Hannah Pohli, MA, CCC-SLP and music therapist Marie Miller, MT-BC, NMT this program provides a fun, engaging and evidence-based method of developing speech, language and communication skills. This program will also provide parents/caregivers with tools to develop their child's speech, language, and communication skills at home.

What you can expect in each session:

Individual sessions with be co-led by music therapist Marie Miller, and speech therapist Hannah Pohli. The sessions will utilize the elements of music (rhythm, beat, and melody) combined with multi-sensory learning to develop and build skills. The sessions will incorporate visuals, motor-sensory activities, and tactile experiences and instruments to increase engagement and enhance learning. Individual sessions will be designed around the needs and interests of your child. Group sessions, consisting of 3-4 children, will target the overarching needs of the group.

We like to move it move it! We understand the importance of movement and motor-sensory activities to activate and engage the brain. Sessions are designed with motor-sensory rhythmic activities that can be replicated at home to help children regulate their bodies. A portion of our sessions will take place in the fantastic Kids Thrive motor room which will provide opportunities for the vestibular and proprioceptive input that is necessary for regulating the body.

We look forward to sharing this program with you! Please reach out with any questions you might have, we look forward to hearing from you!

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