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What people are saying about this course...

"I learned that by making experiences multisensory, there are more opportunities to be successfully comprehended."

"Love the original songs, movements, and visual prompts."

"Excellent presentation and creative activities!"

"All of the learning objectives were met multiple times with joy."


"Thank you so much for addressing this! I have been wanting to use more sensory engagement with my students and am so happy for your advice!"

"The generalizability of the "story song" format is fantastic. I look forward to using these ideas to personalize for my clients."

"It was very useful to know objectives on each song that were presented in the course. It helped me to understand goals of songs and how we could utilize them."

"Examples of songs/interventions was very helpful!"

"The music experience examples, PLUS all the accompanying visuals, were wonderful and easily used in my sessions with clients."

"I appreciated the exploration of seated movement songs."

"All of the information for how to make your own sensory items like weighted blankets and lap pads was so, so helpful!! OT items can be so expensive!"

"Visuals are always helpful in my practice, but learning more about using functional movement, and how I can improve my own use of functional improvement was helpful, and started a new search for my own learning."

"I was able to immediately integrate concepts of seated movement and calming motions into my practice."

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