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Winter Song lyrics and chords

Winter Song was written by music therapist Marie Miller to provide a calming sensory song during a busy time of year. 


Mid December can be so busy with holiday decorations and changes at school and at home. Often, these changes can be stressful for the students we support, so we wanted a song that offered a calming sensory experience with the snowflake projector.  We turn the lights off and create a relaxed and quiet atmosphere with moving snowflakes projected on the wall. 


After the song we share pictures of enlarged actual snowflakes and use some of the words in the song to share a bit of information about this time of year. We may talk about the weather report and temperatures that day as well.


You can hear the song here on YouTube.

This is the snowflake projector we use, but there are many other options out there.  We like being able to change the speeds.  


I hope you enjoy trying this song with the individuals you support.  We use this song with our older school-age classes.  For our younger (pre-school and early elementary) we like to use the projector with a more upbeat movement song which we will be sharing on YouTube as well.  


Find Rhythm and Strings Music Therapy on Instagram for more video resources in our IGTV videos! 

Winter Song lyrics and chords


Song: "Winter Song" ©2020 by Marie Miller is written and recorded by Marie Miller and may be used for personal and educational use only.

Sale, distribution, or any use of this song other than in an educational setting or for personal use is prohibited. 

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