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Visual Packs for Three Favorites

We love creating rich multisensory learning experiences by combining music, movements and visuals!  Visuals are an important part of all of our experiences and increase engagement and enhance learning.  Many of our favorite songs tell a story which helps to build sequencing critical thinking skills.  What better way to tell a story than through music with added visuals and movements!?


Matilda the Gorilla Visuals:  This song is written by Mary Rice Hopkins and is a long-time favorite amongs our students of a broad age range (developmental age range 3-9).  We've made some slight changes to the lyrics as we felt Matilda belonged in the jungle, not the zoo.  We also changed the chorus slightly to create more successful opportunities for our friends who are developing speech.  Our version can be heard on our YouTube channel here.


To build motor skills and expressive communication we've also added some sign language throughout the song.  This song targets expressive and receptive language skills, speech, gross and fine motor skills and motor imitation. 


We selected the visuals individually from to bring this story to life for our young learners!  It has remained a long-time favorite amongst so many of our young friends (and us!).  Thank you Mary Rice Hopkins for this beautiful song!  Learn more about how we target speech goals and see the chords and our adapted lyrics here.


Included in this visuals pack: Five high quality printable visuals. 


We accompany this song with guitar but this song could also be implemented by keeping the beat by patting legs.  


Coming 'Round the Mountain: We knew we just HAD to have a visual pack for this.  We collected these six pictures to help us tell this story in our music therapy groups!  Our favorite version of this old tune is the children's picture book by Jonathan Emmett and Deborah Allwright where motor actions are paired with the words/sound effects on each page.   We lay each picture out one by one, pairing it with a motor action and word.  See how we implement this song in our groups on our YouTube channel, here.


In this song we target expressive language skills, sequencing, motor skills and motor imitation!  This song is a long-time favorite amongst many of our young learners within a large age range.  We use this song in our preschool and school age groups, developmental age range 3-9.  


Included in this package: Six high-quality printable visuals. 


We accompany this song with guitar, however this song could also be accompanied by patting legs. 


Bear Hunt:  This traditional poem was made famous by the book by Michael Rosen, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt," and it's one of our favorites!  Because a book is a bit hard to manage while modeling motor actions, and difficult for use in a group, we collected seven high quality printable visuals (real photographs) to help us tell the tale!    


This wonderful song/chant targets motor skills, motor imitation, sequencing and expressive language skills. 


Included in this package: Seven high-quality printable visuals. 


We do not accompany this song with an instrument.  Instead we pat our legs to keep the beat! 

Visual Packs for Three Favorites