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Three songs with visuals for beginning literacy, counting, movement and more!

This package of three intreventions is wonderful for young learners in the developmental age range of 3-6!  All three of these songs can be heard on our YouTube channel: "Man, Ran, Can," "Cat, Hat, Mat," and "Six Little Children." The package targets motor skills, expressive and receptive language skills, counting, subtracting, and beginning literacy skills. 


In this package you will find printable visuals, lyrics and tips for each of the three songs.  Print, cutout, laminate and velcro the pieces to bring these songs to life!


1. "Man, Ran, Can" - We LOVE the printable visuals we've collected for this song!  "Man, Ran, Can" targets the "an" family - words that end in "an" using fun and engaging visuals that piece together as the story unfolds!  It's quite silly and kids love when the man turns the fan on at the end and gets blown away!  We often add finger spelling during the spelling portion of the song to offer increased opporunities for expressive language.  Pictures are paired with singing and printed words to solidify the concept. 

Print, cut out, laminate and add velcro to the pictures to really bring this intervention to life! 


2. "Cat, Hat, Mat" - Kids love following along with this silly story that targets beginning literacy and expressive langauge skills.  This song targets the "at" family-  words that end in "at".  As the song/story unfolds, we pair each picture with the corresponding word and the characters come to life!  The kids especially love when the cat and the rat go flying on the bat!  Will his hat stay on!? Print, cutout, laminate and add velcro to the visuals to really bring this intervention to life!


3. "Six Little Children" (comes with 8 children, we typically sing six)- For this song we choose movements in the moment, based on the needs of the group (or child).  This song is wonderful for bringing the energy up when needed by choosing movements that energize (clapping, patting, jumping), or it can bring the energy down and help with regulation by choosing appropriate movements (brushing legs, brushing arms, squeezing hands).  This song targets motor skills as well as the academic skill of counting and subtracting!  


We hope you enjoy this bundle for young learners!  We do not use an instrument to accompany in any of these songs so these songs can be implemented by anyone!

Three songs with visuals for beginning literacy, counting, movement and more!

$11.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price

This file is in a compressed zip.  Within the compressed zip are downloadable images in PDF form and a lyric/instruction sheet in PDF form.  The video included in this package is in Mp4 format.

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