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Small Fish

Small Fish is a "piggyback" song to the tune of "Once an Austrian Went Yodelling," a song in the public domain.  


Created for children in the developmental age range of 3-6. 


The lyrics and movements in "Small Fish" are created by neurologic music therapist, Marie Miller, for use in music therapy.  This song targets gross motor skills, motor imitation, expressive langauge skills and sequencing.  


This package includes an instructional video for the facilitator, lyrics, and six high quality printable visuals.  These visuals have all been purchased separately from along with the license to include them in these e-collections.  


We hope you enjoy trying this song with the children that you support! 

Small Fish


This file is in a compressed zip.  Within the compressed zip are downloadable images in PDF form and a lyric sheet in PDF form, as well as an instructional video in Mp4 format.