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Roll, Little Pumpkin, Roll!

"Roll, Little Pumpkin, Roll!" A counting, subtracting, movement song by Marie Miller.  The song is a seated movement song written for children in the developmental age range of 3-6.  At the end of this song we love to pass a real pumpkin around the classroom as we sing “roll, little pumpkin, roll.”


Developmental age range: 3-6

Goals targeted: Counting, subtracting, crossing midline, bilateral coordination, and motor imitation


Included in this download are the lyrics and printable pumpkin visuals. You can hear the full song on the Rhythm and Strings Music Therapy YouTube channel

Roll, Little Pumpkin, Roll!


As always, our resources may be used in educational settings and may not be sold or distributed.  “Roll, Little Pumpkin, Roll!” © 2020 by Marie Miller.

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