Man, Ran, Can

"Man, Ran, Can" is created by board certified music therapist, Marie Miller.  The video for this song can be found on our YouTube channel, linked here. 


The spelling portion of the song is inspired by the song, "I Can't Spell Hippopotamus" by Johnny Richardson. 


Goals targeted include beginning literacy, expressive laguage and fine motor skills. 


Age: We use this song with children who are developing literacy skills, developmental age range 3-5.  


This package includes high quality printable visuals, lyrics, and goals targeted in the song "Man, Ran, Can."  These are the same visuals and words used in the YouTube video.  The pictures can be printed, laminated and pieces attached with velcro. The words are to be printed on the paper color of your choosing.  We chose a bright green background to draw the eye to the black letters. 


We hope you enjoy using this song and these visuals with the children you work with!  If you have enjoyed this song please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel and leaving us a review on our Facebook page!  Thank you!

Man, Ran, Can


This file is downloaded as a compressed zip.  Within the zip are pdf printable documents.