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Little Pig (Prepositions)

Prepositions can be tricky!  Luckily Little Pig is here to help us build an understanding of the prepositions “on top” and “under”. 


This song targets prepositions and expressive and receptive language skills.  We accompany this song with guitar, however patting legs to keep the beat is a great way to implement the song without an instrument!  


Kids follow along with Little Pig as he gets himself into a bit of trouble around the farm. We love using a toy pig to increase understanding of the concepts and the kids love watching him jump, run, and land with a THUD!  If you don't have a toy pig, that's ok!  We include a picture of Little Pig to print and cutout as a model for the prepositions!


This package includes six high quality printable visuals, a video example of how we implement the song, chords and lyrics sheet. 


*The video in this package is not our typical instructional video, this video comes from our video series for kids, "Sing, Move, Shine!" This video can be used by the facilitator to see how we implement the song, and it can also be played for children!  

Little Pig (Prepositions)


This file is in a compressed zip.  Within the compressed zip are downloadable images in PDF form,  a lyric/chord sheet in PDF form, and a video in Mp4 format.