"Grow Grow Grow" is a motor sequencing song written by board certified music therapist Marie Miller.  The song features five professionally photographed printable visuals and targets gross and fine motor skills, motor sequencing, motor imitation and expressive language.  


Recommended age: 3-7


The song teaches children about growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and trees and is a perfect movement song for Spring and Summer.  As part of our "Whole Body Learning" program our interventions include visuals, music and movement to engage and activate the brain to enhance learning.  


This package is meant for use as a guide on how to implement the activity.  The accompanying video is an instructional video for the facilitator.  This song is not accompanied by an instrument and utilizes patting legs and singing for beat and melody.


Included in this package:


1. Five high quality printable visuals

2. Instructional video

3. Lyric sheet 


We hope you enjoy using this intervention with the children you work with!





Grow Grow Grow (visuals, lyrics, goals)

  • The file is downloaded as a compressed zip.  The zip contains images (jpeg), PDF document, and an Mp4 video file.

  • Terms:

    Song:  “Grow Grow Grow” © 2019 by Marie Miller is written and recorded by Marie Miller and may be used for personal and/or educational use only. 

    Visuals: Visuals for “Grow Grow Grow” have been purchased individually and edited by Rhythm and Strings Music Therapy.  The digital book © 2019 by Marie Miller may be printed by the purchaser of “Grow Grow Grow.”  The visuals may be used for personal or educational use only.  For use in any other project the photos in “Grow Grow Grow” must be purchased individually from Shutterstock.com.

    Video:  The instructional video is a supplemental video for the purchaser of “Grow Grow Grow” and may be downloaded by the purchaser only.  The video may be used for personal or educational use only.  

    Purchaser is prohibited from reselling or distributing the song, visuals, and video. 

    When you purchase this song and activity you accept the terms of agreement.  





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