Eight Little Children

"Eight Little Children" is our take on "10 Little Monkeys" where no monkeys are injured.  The tune is from the song "Ten Little Monkeys" and adapted by Marie Miller, MT-BC of Rhythm and Strings Music Therapy. You can watch the video and hear the song on our YouTube channel, found here.


This song is part of our "whole body learning" program and uses rhythm, visuals and movement to increase learning.  


"Eight Little Children" targets: gross and fine motor skills, motor imitation, counting forwards and backwards and beginning subtraction.  The song also targets expressive language skills and number identification. 


Recommended age 3-6


Included in this purchase:


Two printable pdf files including drawings of eight little children and numbers 1-8.


**Please note that the visuals included in this purchase do not include the red background seen in the video.  To create the red background cut out the 8 children and numbers, tape them onto red paper and laminate.


We hope you enjoy using this song with your students!

Eight Little Children


The file is downloaded as a compressed zip.  The compressed zip contains two pdf documents for the song "Eight Little Children."