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Buddy the Puppy

"Buddy the Puppy" is a fun sequencing song that targets motor imitation, gross motor skills, and expressive language.  The song includes seven visuals to enhance engagement and learning.  Children love following Buddy on his adventure!  With each picture a new label and motor action is added to develop expressive language, sequencing and motor imitation skills.  


This package is meant for use as a guide on how to implement this activity.  The accompanying video is an instructional video for the facilitator.  We accompany this song with guitar however this activity can also be facilitated with a steady patting on legs.


Recommended age: 3-5


Included in this package:

1. Seven printable high quality visuals

2. Lyric sheet with chords

3. Video example of how we implement the activity


We hope you enjoy using this intervention with your students!




Buddy the Puppy


The file is downloaded as a compressed zip.  The zip contains images (pdf), a PDF document,  and an Mp4 video file.  

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