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Big Big Tree

Building skills at home: a video for kids!


Big Big Tree is a motor sequencing song written by board certified music therapist Marie Miller.  The song targets gross and fine motor skills, motor imitation, bilateral coordination,  expressive and receptive language, and prepositions ("up" and "down").


"Big Big Tree" is a song about creatures who live in a big tree in the forest.  The song uses a combination of patterned motor movements and sign language to enhance learning and develop motor skills.  The catchy and repetative chorus targets comprehension of prepositions "up" and "down" and provides many oportunities for successful participation.


This intervention is part of our "Whole Body Learning" program which combines music, visuals and movement to engage and activate young brains to enhance learning. 


This song can also be found on our video series, Sing, Move, Shine!  


*If you're looking for the instructional video, lyrics and printable visuals please visit the "I'm a teacher/practitioner" section of our shop. 

Big Big Tree


The format of this file is a compressed zip with video in Mp4 format,

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