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A Turkey Named Scott

Scott the Turkey lives quite the life. He has several favorite activities he likes to do each day - make a good cup of coffee, knit, play piano, and then soak in the hot tub.  The song has printable visuals and is accompanied by body percussion (patting legs).  We include several signs in ASL to increase expressive and receptive language skills and provide increased opportunities for participation and comprehension.


Visit our YouTube channel to hear A Turkey Named Scott. 


This song is also an art project!


Children paint the feathers, then the facilitator cuts them out and laminates Scott as a whole.  When we incorporate student art, we print the pages and pass them along to the teachers or specialists that will be helping students with the project.  Then we collect the feathers, cut them out, and laminate Scott as a whole.


If you have a small group, children can each paint a full page (three feathers).  If you have a large group, cut out the rectangle around the feather for each student (it will be easier for them to paint if you leave it as a rectangle and then cut the feather out afterwards).  For our groups, which are all 3-5 students, we will end up making one turkey for two groups.  It will be so much fun seeing the different Scotts!


If an art project isn't feasible for your group, we've included a complete Scott with all of his feathers. 


We'd LOVE to see the Scotts that your groups come up with!

A Turkey Named Scott


As always, our resources may be used in educational settings and may not be sold or distributed.  “A Turkey Named Scott!” © 2022 by Marie Miller.

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