Sing, Move, Shine! - Building motor skills and increasing sensory regulation

"Sing, Move, Shine!" is created out of a passion for supporting children with speech, motor and sensory regulation challenges and differences. So often we find that music is the key to making learning accessible. Music activates many regions of the brain, allowing alternate routes for messages to be deciphered and retaining information. Its structure, predictability, and repetitive nature makes it a powerful tool for learning and creates many opportunities for success.

Music gets us moving! "Sing, Move, Shine!" targets motor imitation, motor planning, gross and fine motor skills, and crossing midline. Music activates the motor cortex and "primes and times" our movements. It provides a rhythmic cue and external time keeper to help activate and regulate movements. Moving rhythmically is great for regulation and important for the brain.

Almost all of our songs involve movement because of its incredible impact on our brains. Many of our movements include body percussion, which is also a wonderful way for children to provide themselves with sensory input and self regulate. The predictability of the songs help children to know what is coming next and how long it will last which reduces anxiety and sets children up for success. Sometimes we use motor songs to wake the body up- clapping, patting, stomping, and jumping, while other times we use sensory motor songs to calm the body down - squeezing, brushing, deep breaths and deep pressure.

Crossing midline is important for the brain. When we cross our midline the connection between the right and left hemisphere of our brain is strengthened. Crossing midline helps activate and organize the brain. Many of our motor songs target this important developmental skill.

Let's get moving! "Sing, Move, Shine!" offers so many opportunities to develop these motor skills.

Songs that target motor skills and sensory regulation in video 1:

Hello - motor imitation, gross motor skills

Ready for the Day - motor imitation, cross lateral movement, sensory regulation, moving in rhythm, gross motor skills

Buddy - Motor imitation, motor sequencing, cross lateral movement, gross motor skills, fine motor skills

Silly Shaker Song - gross motor skills, reaching while grasping an object, motor imitation

Shake & Stop - gross motor skills, maintaining grasp of a small object

Songs that target motor skills and sensory regulation in video 2:

Hello - motor imitation, gross motor skills

Share a Rhythm - motor imitation, sensory regulation, motor sequencing, gross motor skills, moving in rhythm Follow Follow - crossing midline, bilateral coordination, motor imitation, gross motor skills, moving in rhythm

Monkey Monkey - motor imitation, gross and fine motor (sign language)

Songs that target motor skills and sensory regulation in video 3:

Six Little Children - motor imitation, sensory regulation, moving in rhythm, gross motor skills, bilateral coordination, crossing midline

Big, Big Tree - motor imitation, moving in rhythm, sensory regulation gross and fine motor skills (sign language)


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