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A music enrichment program for building skills at home

"Sing, Move, Shine!” is a music enrichment series created by neurologic music therapist, Marie Miller.  The three video series is created for building skills at home, at school, and online distance learning through screen shares.  “Sing, Move, Shine!” is created for children in the developmental age range 3-5 and targets motor skills, sensory regulation, expressive and receptive language, and academic skills. 

“Sing, Move, Shine!” combines music, movement and visuals to enhance learning and increase engagement.  Creator Marie Miller has developed this multi-sensory program based on over 14 years of work with children with speech, motor, and sensory challenges and differences.  All of the songs (except where noted in credits) are written by Marie Miller and target multiple developmental goals. 

Music is global experience in the brain activating many areas of the brain, which makes it an incredible tool for building skills.  Music activates the motor cortex which primes our bodies for movement.  Motor skills targeted in this series include: motor imitation, cross lateral movement (which increases communication between left and right hemispheres of the brain), gross and fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. We also use music to help children learn how to self regulate using songs that encourage sensory input (brushing, patting, squeezing) and also taking deep breaths. 

Music based interventions are a wonderful way to target speech and language skills. Rhythm, rhyme and repetition all help build speech and language skills. In order for a skill to be mastered it must be repeated many times.  Music allows for a target word, phrase or concept to be repeated many times while keeping the song novel and interesting by changing musical elements to maintain engagement.  

The elements of music (melody, rhythm, pitch, timbre) activate many areas of the brain which increases retention of information and can also aid in easier retrieval of that information.   Can you recall information you learned through music such your childhood phone number, or the 26 letters of the alphabet?  

When teaching young children we know that learning must be fun and it must be engaging.  Music is a natural motivator and is a fun and engaging way to build skills.  The combination of repetition, structure, predictability and motivation makes music a powerful tool for building skills! 


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