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Individual Music Therapy

One-to-one music therapy to address individual goals of the client. Common goals addressed include: expressive and receptive language, communication, motor skills, and social skills.
Individual music therapy sessions are offered in your school, home, or facility in Southern Maine (York County) and New Hampshire (Rockingham and Strafford Counties).

Group Music Therapy

Small group music therapy to address groups goals. Common goals addressed include social skills, 

communication, and motor skills.


Group music therapy sessions offered at your school or facility in Southern Maine (York County) and New Hampshire (Rockingham and Strafford Counties).

Presentations and Workshops

Music therapy presentations: Benefits of music therapy, why it is an effective treatment and what a music therapy session looks like.


Music therapy workshops: Learn how to utilize music in your classroom to enhance learning.  This is an interactive, hands-on workshop that  shows you ways to utilize music to target developmental skills.  The workshop can be tailored to pre-k through elementary.  

Music therapy presentations offered in Maine and New Hampshire.

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